Memories…forever! :’)

I loved them,all of them..I always will…

I won’t say they complete you..they make your living..they fill in you joy..they give you happiness,they make you sad..they are not everything…but they are into everything..!! favorite month! Why? Its my birth month,16th January is the day..!
Not anymore..
I feel incomplete today,I feel lonely,I feel no more loved!
My friends..they are not around..not because they left me,not because they don’t care..I know they love me..
But fate and time,change everything..

This birthday..will no more have any surprise planning from a week before,this birthday won’t have cute gifts like before,this birthday won’t have tight hugs and kisses like before,this birthday won’t have conference calls for hours and hours,this birthday will have the same noon but no screaming and yelling,this birthday won’t have the most awaited birthday treat…this birthday won’t have them!

I miss them,yes,but most of all I miss myself..I was so much me with them,now as we have grown up,I won’t have things as BEFORE!

I love you people,very much,you make in the whole world in me,which will always exist!
Even if we see less of each other..I will love you!

This birthday..I will have our memories as the best gift..I will have us..:)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Noopur says:

    hey its your b'dy???
    Many many happy returns of the day 🙂


  2. Sakshi Singh says:

    It's on 16 Noopur 🙂 Thankyou so much !!


  3. Sujana says:

    omg January 16 is my mom's birthday too!! 😀 Hope you have an amazing birthday 🙂


  4. Sakshi Singh says:

    This is great !! Wish her from my side too Sujana:)
    Thanks !


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