Desires..make you feel stupid sometimes!!

Like everyone of us,I too had plans,dreams,ambitions you can call them..
Never ending thoughts since my childhood,have been around!!

now when am kinda grown up,am not so anymore,though  still my dreams,plans,DESIRES continue to babble in my mind!

Sometimes in life,you come across such people,you never knew,never seen them before,you just know,you just feel,for them,yes,without knowing them,without having met,you think of the times together!

This is one of such recent incidents of my life.

A random book shop,a random book..(I have always had this thing for nice,flashy cover pages,no matter what topic it is,I buy it,that’s for sure)..
I bought it!
The book was amazing..the story just made a house in my heart and so the characters! But most of all,I loved the AUTHOR..
I felt connected,it all seemed happening in front of my eyes,what I was reading..(just reading lying in my bed)..
It is said,that whatever you think,read before going to bed,you dream about it….
And so that happened! I couldn’t resist reading the next chapters as I woke up..
Lovely the book was,and love-lier the AUTHOR! He was a guy,obvious!! 

I searched on the net,few more books,ordered them,read them,again and again and again..
His books,writings were now a part of daily routine..
No time in day when I will just sit idle and not read his books! He so was irresistible!

I finished all the books,facebook being my savior,followed him there,his each and every update was in my “favorites”,his page,his profile all bookmarked! 
Crazy I sound here,more then that,stupid,but yes,the feeling is indescribable!
Soon jealousy too for his co-authors,damn they are all so pretty!

And now,his new book released,and there were going to be signed copies! Omg! SIGNED by him!!
I pre-ordered,twice,thrice,just to make it very sure!
Crazy it all seemed,stupid I felt,was ditching few people around,this all was so secretive!
Never talk about it..
I got the book! Was bounciiinnngg!! There was definitely a signature in there,but half..
Hard my luck was!
My heart,felt ditched,as if he did not come over to see me,waiting like a fool..

Even after being a stupid fellow all this while,the likeness,grows,never stops…
I don’t understand what this is..
crazy me!
stupid me!
but me!
I like it like this..

I know,am mature enough to understand this is just a piece of waste,the feelings I carry,won’t take me anywhere,still…
Somethings are better unchanged,even if you know you are doing the most stupid thing in this world!

And secretive it is not anymore,since am writing it here,for everyone to read,I just felt like sharing..:)
I know I sound like a 16 year old school girl,am not,but there sure is a small lil girl inside..:D

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Ash says:

    :-)…cute little secret……..


  2. Sujana says:

    Aaawww this is cute..shows your innocence. Something similar happened to me too but sooner or later, reality sets in lol. I guess it happens because we just imagine an image of a person which might not even be real?


  3. Sakshi Singh says:

    I know,innocent I so was,and right,reality sets 😉 n makes u open eyes all wide..:)
    And Yup,the image,we sometimes desire more than anybody can be,more cute,more handsome,and more hot in my case 😛 but usually u can only get people of the same planet..Hahaha..
    N when its not real,like u said,that image still resides somewhere in the corner of your heart !!


  4. Sujana says:

    Btw I tagged you in a post 🙂


  5. Sakshi Singh says:

    Which one? Can you please post the url,couldn't find it through ny phone!


  6. Awww..its like in the movies! and feelings are never crazy sweetie!


  7. Sakshi Singh says:

    Now I have supporters:)
    Thanks Sayantani..<3


  8. Sakshi Singh says:

    Send me the url here,can't wait to read.:D


  9. Noopur says:

    The cute one…. 🙂
    really nice…nd i appreciate what you wrote abt stupidity…that everyone of us have inside us…!!


  10. Sakshi Singh says:

    Just felt I should,you see writing is kind of appreciable than talking about it to others..:)
    Thanks Noopur!


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