500 days of summer!

It’s not a movie review,nor it is a copy write,all it is,is a beautiful heart touching story that made me share it here!

And to all the ones who haven’t watched this movie: YOU MISSED A TREASURE!

Tom,an ambitious,aspiring guy,wants to be an architect,but earns his bread being a greeting writer..
Same old routine he has,UNTILL,one day he meets the girl of his dreams..
SUMMER,yes that’s the name..:)

She’s jolly,cute,pretty,beautiful,eveything a guy would ask for,specially TOM!
He fells in love,hesitates to talk,and then as he begins conversation..Summer gives a great response!
Summer begins to suspect his attachment,care,concern..
Tom,being a shy fellow,never makes an effort to say it all! 

One fine day in office,after all the “friendly’ conversations,Summer kisses Tom in the office.
Things change Tom’s world upside down,whereas,Summer,is least affected.
Summer understands Tom’s possessiveness,she takes a step to clear..

Summer: Tom,we’re just friends! You didn’t have to hit the guy at the bar for me,I can handle things on my own!
Tom: On your own? What’s it going on between us then! Frequent make outs,hang outs all together,what’s all that?
Summer: I never meant to give you a wrong impression,but I never wanted boundations,responsibilities.

They don’t talk for few day after the conversation ends at this bad note.
Summer,one day,knocks at Tom’s door,saying she’s sorry,and wants to make up.
Tom after that,never tries to tell her about his feelings,never takes any step forward.

They soon,stop talking..
Tom’s life becomes hell. worst then anyone’s ever could after a break up,or say,A GIRL WHO LEFT YOU BECAUSE YOU NEVER CARED TO TELL HER THAT YOU WANTED HER TO STAY!

One fine day again,Tom meets Summer,she invites him to her house for a party,Tom goes up there,expects Summer to patch up,but Summer as always took him as a friend,and in fact the party was celebrating her ENGAGEMENT with some other guy..
Tom’s heart breaks,he’s shattered,into pieces..

He leaves his job,isolates himself..
Then searches his ambition back again,chases his dreams,architect,is all he wanted to be,he tries,interviews,what not..NO SUCCESS YET..

The other day,alone,he’s sitting on a bench,he and Summer used to sit..
Summer walks up to him,sits beside..
Tom,not saying a word,asked her a million questions,his heart cried..
….silence all over!!

Summer: “Tom,I don’t blame you,you are just the way you have been.You never spoke too much,even though you had thousands of things in your head,you never spoke. I was just not the girl who could wait for that thing in your head to come out,one day a guy asked me out,on our next date he proposed,and now he is my HUSBAND.
You have been right about everything,just wrong about me.
I never changed,it was just the situation.
Our love was never fake,it was all real,we just grew up,and grew apart.
I love you.”

Summer leaves,leaving Tom in tears..
Next morning,Tom is impactfull..happy..cheerful..
He walks into an interview,sees the other blonde girl sitting beside,his competition.
He sits,thinks,”talk..not talk..talk..”
His name is called,as he gets up,moves ahead,he suddenly turns around..
Asks the girl,if she’d have a coffee with him,SHE REFUSES. Sad!!

Few moments later..
Girl shouts back,that SHE WOULD LOVE TO,they shake hands,and the girl now is AUTUMN! 😉

The story has a beautiful ending and a true saying,I hope everyone learns the message!
No one can just look inside what you have in your heart and mind,expressing them is your part,do that,else it’ll be too late to regret even.. 🙂

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  1. deeps says:

    thanks for sharing….

    lemme see if i can put my hand on it….


  2. Noopur says:

    Where are you??
    no new posts… long time??
    everything ok??


  3. Sakshi Singh says:

    @Deeps..sure you can,try once! 🙂
    @Noopur..yes everything is,was little busy with college and exams! How are you?
    New posts coming up soon! 😀


  4. Happy to join your interesting blog and follow you! Would you like to follow me back?


  5. Sakshi Singh says:

    Thanks Adelina..
    Happy to see you find my blog interesting!
    I would love to follow back,am sure I would love your writings!


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