Rains! :)

Could I ever love it more? Nahh!

It’s like the most amazing time in the whole year! Personally,I love it more than anyone else does! 😀

Though certainly,I have no reasons to love this season..but sometimes,you don’t need a reason,right?
I love everything about it,be it a hot cup of tea with yummy pakodas or a drive in my car (may be just for 5 mins)..or my stupid,dumb lil friends surprising me and then taking me out in the rain showers!
It’s all beautiful 🙂

Sometimes,I look at people and realise,they are so busy with other things..that they tend to forget THEMSELVES!!

Life is unfair to all at some point of time,but because of all the “volcano of worries”..do take out a lil time for yourself,for your smile,for your happiness!

It is said,crying in rain is easier,nahhhh..
Smiling in fact literally laughing,is more!

I won’t say love your life,life does hurt sometimes,it does pain..
But just love the rain..

Dance like a man with no sorrows,jump harder like a kid who never knew what word “worry” means..go crazzzyyy..go mad..live it all up in just a pinch of seconds!!
It all makes it worth.. 🙂

And,if you’re lucky,you might find the other half heart of yours’ who’ll love rain more than you do! Give a chance to yourself..

other things will follow..love,happiness,bliss,warmth…what not!

Anyone who thinks sunshine is pure happiness,
has never DANCED in the rain..” 

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  1. I kinda enjoyed reading this. I took a moment to think about what you wrote,that sometimes we are busy doing staff and we forget ourselves. I guess that deep down most things that are involved in our routine is about ourselves, work to get us money, studies to give us a degree, gym to make a nice body. People will get more motivated if they have something to gain even in longterm.


  2. Sakshi Singh says:

    I second your words.
    The thing is,today,no one is wrong in following the dreams for the future,but the present is in a pit,because every other person is busy,working,studying or anything.
    Every single one,needs a bunch of moments alone,for themselves. Because in the end,it's all about being happy and satisfied!
    And, I'm glad you enjoyed my writing. Thanks a lot! 🙂


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