It’s simple.. I miss you, I miss myself more!

Out of all the times me and my friends spent together,I have made my special bunch of memories.. the favorite ones actually!
I sit alone.. I think of the times,I practically relive them all.. cherish,smile and ultimately cry!
Just a fact,that those memories,incidents are imprinted on some part of me.. that never leaves,never can be erased!
Then.. I realize.. I’m missing a part of me!

I miss the coffee!
I miss the movies!
I miss the never-ending laughs!
I miss the fights!
I miss the over-exaggerated arguments!
I miss the classes!
I miss the rains!
I miss the holding hands!!
I miss discussing our loves and affairs and flings!
I miss the snatching over last pizza slice!
I miss the late night talks!
I miss the online conferences!
I miss the hugs..the tight ones!
I miss the two-wheeler rides!!
I miss being loved,cuddles and cared by the only crazy people in my life.. My friends..!!

I miss it all,writing a blog too is a reason why I miss them..

We all grew up,grew apart.. Priorities changed,so did life.
Am sure every one of us misses the times we had.. the fun we did.. the craziness we had in our blood!
All I want is all of them to be happy. 🙂 always!

At times,when I recall the time I made a choice to move on,I unintentionally left the best part of my life behind.. I was approached twice,thrice,I never looked back. I realize,it might have hurt. But life,isn’t all that fair nor it is what you want it to be like!

So.. I can just miss the stupid lovable idiots! 😀 

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sakshi Singh says:

    🙂 thanks Shikha!


  2. Garima says:

    so sweet 🙂
    A post dedicated to friends …


  3. Sakshi Singh says:

    Yes totally! 🙂
    Thanks Garima!


  4. Sakshi Singh says:

    Am glad you do!! <3
    Thanks! 🙂


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