She was loved,
The moment she was pulled out of her mother’s womb!

She was loved,
When her father saw her first and touched her!

She was loved,
When she cried first!

She was loved,
When her mother first fed her!

She was loved,
When she was dressed in pink and started to crawl!

She was loved,
When she walked her first step!

She was loved,
When she first uttered something!

She was loved,
When she got dressed into the uniform for her first day at school!

She was loved,
When she turned eighteen!

She was loved,
When she looked the most beautiful of all on the day of her graduation!

She was loved,
When she met someone special!

She was loved,
When she got married!

She was loved,
When she was blessed with a baby!

She was loved,
When she grew more wrinkles on her cheeks than veins!

She was loved,
When she rested in peace forever!

SHE…. was always loved!
And she will be..

“She” is all the women in the world,who make it all so much beautiful,as a daughter,sister,wife,and MOTHER.

And “She” is also the girl,who is aborted before her birth or killed after that.

This poem of mine is completely an impulse of what I read in the newspaper the other day. Just because,it’s a girl,someone gets the right to kill her?
Makes me sick!! Everyone is equal. And the world is such a beautiful place. Why pollute it? 

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  1. Green Speck says:

    I agree. People should realize the power and importance of a girl child … female foeticide should be stopped … they deserve to live!!!


  2. बसन्त पंचमी की हार्दिक शुभ कामनाएँ!

    दिनांक 15 /02/2013 को आपकी यह पोस्ट पर लिंक की जा रही हैं.आपकी प्रतिक्रिया का स्वागत है .


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  4. Amit rai says:

    agreed ! ! it makes me sick too.. a man who can't respect girls is surely not a man .. and even though i'm an atheist , i would say.. girls are the most beautiful creation.. and i really do think so. respect them , save them, love them . 🙂


  5. Sakshi Singh says:

    Exactly. If there were no women,probably nothing would be.
    People forget this.


  6. Sakshi Singh says:

    Basant panchami ki shubhkaamnaye aapko bhi Yashwant Sir!

    I am grateful to you,for boosting up the talent like this.
    Nayi purani hulchul is the favorite place to read.
    Thank you.


  7. Sakshi Singh says:

    Thank you Tushar Sir.

    I am following your blog,beautiful posts. 🙂


  8. Sakshi Singh says:

    I agree to every word of it Amit.
    But trust me,not just men,there are women,in fact LADY GYNECOLOGISTS perform this shameful deed.
    Go through the statistics of female foeticide in India sometime,you will see.

    Every one deserves to live!
    I am glad that you respect women so much,I wish such people existed in more number.

    Thanks. 🙂


  9. Amit rai says:

    it sickens me that people still believe in that kinda shit ! of not having a girl child .. :/


  10. Sakshi Singh says:

    I wonder.
    I mean not that am a girl and that's why think soft. I cant even imagine.
    And some people have the guts to commit this horrible crime!
    That so is sick!


  11. Amit rai says:

    people need to change the way they think about having a girl child ! … though it is somewhat changing. but it still is going to take time.


  12. Sakshi Singh says:

    Exactly. Today women are just every where.
    None can escape the fact.
    Lets just hope. Things can turn to a better way!


  13. Amit rai says:

    😀 ! .. true ! you better not leave us behind lol … yeah ! 🙂


  14. Loved it……….. keep up the gud work


  15. Sakshi Singh says:

    I am glad you like it!
    Thanks. 🙂


  16. Blogger KT says:

    A very touching and thought-provoking write up! I hope more people read this to understand the menace of female feticide.

    Amazingly, some people think that female feticide should be legal and prohibiting it is equal to moral policing. Check it out.


  17. Sakshi Singh says:

    I hope the same. People need to know this,need to become more aware about every consequence of this.

    And there's this one thing I know,that over here,nothing can be forced,people need to understand and feel bad about it the same way you and i do.

    Let's hope for it.


  18. Blogger KT says:

    True. But then if you think about it, most of the cases of female feticide happenning in India are not forced. We hardly see any pregnant woman screaming and crying while being taken to abort a female fetus. In that case aren't they just exercising their choice to abort a female fetus? So, until they understand (and God knows when that will happen) should we accept it as their choice?


  19. Sakshi Singh says:

    When though it's a choice,we cannot blame none. Precise,you're right,we don't see much of them crying about losing their girl child,their own will it is.
    May be the scenario is of the rural places I have seen.
    So,exactly,until they understand and start believing about women are as productive as men are,they will stop for none. (Productive,I say,because all everyone today needs,is benefit from some or the other thing.)


  20. Blogger KT says:

    So, as long as such people don't understand that female feticide is wrong, they should be allowed to continue aborting females. All we can do is to tell them about why it's wrong and hope that they understand. If they don't…. bad luck!

    Though I disagree with your 'productive' statement. What if a female is not really productive as a male? Should she not have the right to life as a human even if she doesn't happen to be productive? According to that, should only productive humans have the right to live?


  21. Sakshi Singh says:

    We definitely can try. May be that night somewhere,sometime help!

    I am not saying that “women being productive” should be the criteria for anyone to decide who to live. NO.
    Not just humans,none on this planet deserve to be held to death. Definitely no.
    But then,I see this place today,and so do you,all men need is benefits and profits from everything and anything. Precise,have to be “useful”. So,that's my point.


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