Bhopal. :)

Just a few snaps,from my short trip to Bhopal! The only place that gives you amazing driving pleasure..awesome buffet at Jehan Numa palace..boating and what not!
The sunset pictures were clicked from a moving car,so look over the details and the clarity..I just wanted to share them all! 🙂

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  1. Hi you have a Very Nice Blog. . .
    what about we follow each other? let me know 🙂


  2. Sakshi Singh says:

    I am glad that you like it!
    I would love to follow yours,Jaipur is one of the few destinations I would always love to visit and know about!
    Thank you. 🙂


  3. Isa says:

    Hello from germany 🙂 would you follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? if you like you can start and i'll follow you back waiting for your response <3

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  4. \m/ nothin can beat the beauty of the city of lakes .. ❤


  5. Thanks Sakshi, those kind of Comments really inspires you to do good work. You also have a very nice blog I had started Following it. . . 🙂


  6. Sakshi Singh says:

    Hey!! I would love to do that,but for that first I will have to register on these 2 sites,isn't?
    I am so looking forward to your blog,I am sure it is amazing. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!


  7. Sakshi Singh says:

    That is so true! 🙂


  8. Sakshi Singh says:

    Your blog deserves the appreciation!
    And thank you so much for liking mine. 🙂


  9. beautiful snapshots..:)


  10. Sakshi Singh says:

    Thanks a lot Vandana 🙂


  11. Nice photographs!
    I've a blog too, on Delhi
    I really loved your blog. Can we follow each other?


  12. Sakshi Singh says:

    Thank you Akshita! I am glad you like my blog,I love the name of yours already,delhi happens to be a hometown,I love the city!
    I will love to follow! 🙂


  13. Yes, there was a problem. But it's fine now!
    Following you too!


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