A lesson, thoroughly learnt.

I was so mad,like really superduperfuckingmad at this person an hour back that I probably wanted to punch him hard on the face and break his teeth,jaw and neck for that matter and zip his mouth off forever and ever so that he can never like never speak.

Some people,no matter what you do for them,will always and forever remain UNGRATEFUL TO YOU,like always!! Not that I am saying if you help someone or do a favor or two you should be pretending as GOD and look down to that person for what you did. But come on,how can people be just so mean and sick all the time that despite of everything you did for them and all the well-wishing thing you do for them,they treat you as bad as they can? OR be as mean and selfish as they can be?

I had never imagined that thinking of someone’s good and suggesting them about the right can be lecturing! Or for that matter being rudely handled and to be told “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TELL ME”..(I literally froze as soon as the words came out of his mouth!!)
AND I am not overreacting or being dramatic on this,I would never do it to a person who wants good of me (which I know deep down inside my empty head). Or say such harsh words to them,ruthlessly.
What are friends for? or anyone who tries to be nice to you? For care,concern,affection. Then why not appreciate that thing instead of holding on to the fucking ego which scream I AM RIGHT, I AM ALWAYS RIGHT. No,not every time! Sometimes,others can give you better advice to hold yourself up than yourself. Yes,they completely can because they’re capable of judging you,good/bad. And there are people existing who would be honest with you. Then why not trust them and see how things reflect at your end than just seriously pushing them away from you and be rude to them and tell them to FUCK OFF,when they only want good of you. (Dudee! They’re not earning bucks on the advice,it is so for freeee!!!)

And yes today,I was hurt,so bad and so much. Does this at all mean that all I should be is sugar coated to the person in front and not even try moving a molecule inside my brain to give a fuck about anyone?
I tell you,such people,people who are so afraid to believe that they can too be mistaken at times,who are so self-centred,tend to change your view for everybody coming along in your life and the near future,because you can bear this insult once,twice..not everytime. And soon after you turn heartless and ‘I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE WORLD’ sort of a person. Because when you cared nobody gave a shit,now it’s time that things turn around..

Isn’t that very true?
“Those who are heartless,once cared too much.”

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  1. I can understand what you are going through. Almost every other person gets to experience such douches.

    And I guess it is true that 'Those who were heartless, once cared too much'.

    Caring about the other person thinking about their well-being is a virtue, but most of the times it is not received in the manner it should be. As you have mentioned- EGO, this comes to ruin everything.

    And after two or three such experiences we tend to feel less caring about others. But isn't that diminishing ourselves just because other's don't care. So, what I have learned from such people is to pretend not to care even though deep down I still care. When they really need the help, they will surely come to us.

    Whoa! I feel I wrote a pretty long comment. And I know it doesn't help the case you are dealing with.
    Anyways, take care. Don't think about such people much. They aren't worth it.


  2. Sakshi Singh says:

    Exactly my words.
    I mean if it is me,I wouldn't push someone who wishes all so good to me,it is definite that not always we find a person right at the moment when it all hovering over our own head,but then in case,when you realize you probably should have the guts to apologize for the water you spill.

    And you know,this happens,because it is a very regular scene that no one actually cares about how willing you're to just give an honest and 'good-for-them' advice,they just cannot bear the interference,so even if you don't stop caring or getting bothered,you probably after a while,stop interfering.
    I am so glad,to see you connect so well with all I wrote when my mind was a literal hustle-bustle of thoughts.
    Take care,you too! (And oh,I will try not thinking too much.)


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