Have you ever imagined what or where are you going to be after 10 years from now? With or without friends,family? We often end up making promises for a lifetime,precise forever. Are you even aware of your “forever”? For it,is tomorrow,or day after or just after you read this? 

So,I was talking about promises,promises made for a life time,till the time life goes on. You most often are doing that too,and you know it. Are you sure? Are you sure if you lost your touch with a person probably 15 years back,will you continue the same eager and emergent urge to find them? To search them over social network sites? To write letters on all the previous addresses you knew? To contact every possible person you can just to get a clue of this person,alive or dead? 
Well. I wouldn’t. Life..(like an excuse).. is so busy. So much work. So much to do all day that you probably schedule the left out jobs for the day another. In the middle of so much hustle,will you remember looking for this person every night you switch on your laptop and connect the internet? 
No one would. It’s not mean,or selfish. It is just we can always let anyone else take that place,or if not the place as exact,life does go on. We set ourselves busy and then tend to forget.
Wondering why am I writing it all? 
Because,I just met two crazy mad in FRIENDSHIP females. And trust me when I say mad and crazy. LOL!
My mom and her friend (now my massi).. lost touch as after my mother got married and her friend left this country. Last as they recall meeting up in 1995. And then they met in 2013,so that makes it after 18 years (yes,my maths is that accurate!!) 
For these 18 years,I have practically witnessed my mother looking for every possible way or source to find this friend of hers,and of course her friend did that too. She probably wrote the letters to my grandfather’s previous house to find out about my mom. Strange feeling,while you read hmm? 
Isn’t it like the same phrase of “BFF”… best friends forever? These people kind of prove to it,no?
I am mean this is like a forced monotony. To keep searching for a person with whom you lost touch long long ago. 20 years for a round off?? 
It is more like an unbelievable thing to me,and while I saw my mother being so helpless and sad for not being able to find out her friend,it gave me an this weird feel. How could there be so much affection for a friend? Okay,best friend. But this much? No wonders I am a little jealous. Because you don’t find such friends nowadays. And those who do,are just lucky gems. In fact,nowadays you probably don’t have this important urge to find out about the past lover..(friends are out of the question!!) 
Kind of gives me such happiness to see them both connect. Sweet. And I have never like never in all these years seen her so happy after meeting someone. 
Some people are special,and some of them are too lucky to have such special people in their lives or be the special ones to someone!
So it wouldn’t be too wrong if I call it the unconditional love for a friend. And also,they kept this promise of staying together as best friends forever. For now. And as much as they happen to love each other,forever is a time very less. 
Long live such friendships and long live my mom and my massi. They both are just adorable together. 

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