My boy…

So umm.. August it is!! My favorite month..and I only have one reason to call it so! It’s my younger brother’s birthday on this 15th!!! 🙂

Doesn’t seem too much long ago,when I was a kid,and I wanted my mom to ask for a sibling for me from God..(of course,when we were kids we always thought little babies were sent from God’s house!! XD)
And in particular,I wanted her to bring a brother,because all my friends had brothers and they had so much fun on RAKSHABANDHAN..(another reason I like AWWGUSSSTT!!)

So there.. she fulfilled my wish and she brought me a little baby boy (whom I actually refused and rejected to take home from the hospital,because he was small and very tiny and pale and I was barely 11! I wanted the one like in movies or in posters,the chubby cute ones!!)

Then,it all began..
I wanted to rush home from school everyday! So that I could play with him before he falls asleep,I could take care of him,his tiny hands holding my fingers..(what an amazing feeling!!!)
I could pamper him all day.. I wouldn’t study apart from the 2 hours in which I had to do my homework.. I will play and sing him songs and feel on top of the world when he reacted upon it.. after a while,he started smiling,laughing even crawling.. those were the best of the times!! ^_^

You know..
It is like..  you don’t grow up when you get older; you grow up when you get ELDER.

I was more responsible,more mature and more sensible because I had a little brother who is nearly 8 years younger to me,to take care of. I only had him,when my mom had 2 children to look after,I felt like “nanny-in-charge”..and I loved it..doing all the things for him,my mom gave me supreme authority to be his elder sister,and to act like one.

after all these years,now he is going to be twelve this 15th.. nothing seems to have changed! He still crawls to my bed,slips by my side,takes my arm and rests his head on it and sleeps.. that sound sleep..(and DROOLS TOO SOMETIMES!!)
My mom could never give me gift better than this. Besides,the only thing that has changed in all this time is that he doesn’t fit in my lap anymore,and he’s taller to me!

Brothers,are a gift for a lifetime. 
And,I love mine. I know he’s gonna grow up into a beautiful young man,and is going to make me proud.

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  1. Sakshi Singh says:

    Thank you Yashwant ji. 🙂


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