Like every night, he came home late from work. His mother, as usual waiting for him on the sofa, watching daily episode of her favorite serial. It took him a minute, to again like every time get mad at her for staying up till late to wait for him. They both had food in silence, him in anger.

The next night, he came home, unlocked the door expecting to get angry at mom again, to his surprise, she was sleeping, tucked in bed. He should have been happy, but for some reason he frowned. It was sadness, should have been relieved that she is finally not up till late. But, he was not. He felt the missing, felt the need, felt her care, love and affection.

You realize the greatest pleasures and joys only after you don’t get to experience them anymore.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. The last line, crux! Wonderfully exemplified.
    Glad you're writing on a regular basis. On your blog, reading it all! 🙂


  2. Sakshi Singh says:

    Priyanka di, holidays on! I only do this much constructive in all day! Love you, thanks for all the comments!


  3. Amrit Sinha says:

    This is beautiful. “You realize the greatest pleasures and joys only after you don't get to experience them anymore.” Lovely 🙂


  4. Sakshi Singh says:

    Amrit,thank you! You are my favorite reader! 😀


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