Its been a real long time, all she did was give up. Because no struggle brought any success, any hope to her. She was packing her bags to return home, for once and for all.

She knew, she had no plan, she never did, because the only one she thought she had did not work anyway near to what she expected. But then, she had home, she promised herself to no more face the defeat and run back home, may be sit there for couple of hours and marry someone her parents arrange for her.
USA, had no jobs. Packing the last few things from room, she received a text from her mom, “Remember sweets, there is always hope, it is the darkest before the dawn, we love you.”
And there came another text in the inbox, “JOB INTERVIEW, 9:00 am sharp.”

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  1. Amrit Sinha says:

    Wow …. And I hope she excelled in the interview 🙂


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