It rained again today. But unlike yesterday, it wasn’t very cheerfully pleasing! Considering I am the “rain person”, I should love everything when it rains, the smell, the bloom, the sky.. everything! I did not, there was a chaos in my head, I did not want to go out with a bunch of friends for coffee or drive, I did not clearly want to sleep, that was not just going to calm me down. I felt the rush, like someone, something is calling me aback, holding me, Pushing me to do something I am not doing!

I sat. On the floor. In the corner. Took a deep breath.

This is all I needed. A peaceful corner!
I needed to be with myself. I needed to know what’s troubling me, and the things that I am over-thinking. I needed to tutor myself.

Just so you know, now, every thing is sorted, decided, back on the track!

You need it too! Okay? Once in a while. Your own peaceful corner in a room with the door closed. Your own shell. 

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  1. Amrit Sinha says:

    Sometimes we have to listen to our soul, and find answers to our questions.


  2. you have nice blog, i really like your posts, thanks for sharing.


  3. Sakshi Singh says:

    Thank you so much 🙂


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