Life in a new city!

Well, it took me while to actually decide what exactly should I title this post as. 
Since it is clearly about multiple things that my life went through in this whole time when I did not blog. Apologies guys!
I missed all of my favorite blogs, I am going to read them all and leave my comments super soon, it was too cute to receive the messages from you all. Makes me feel special, thank you!
So like I have almost mentioned it everywhere and updated my profile, guess you all know that I have just moved to this new city, umm.. COUNTRY actually, Coventry! YES! UK!! 😀
Haha, so guys, I am just going to really start blogging regularly from now on as there is a literally need for me to do so! I miss you all! 
Well, let me tell you at first that I am fine, and managing, actually ENJOYING. But like you all know, moving out of home is never easy.. NEEVEEERRRR. I miss home, India, Indore.. just big time! Although I am lucky to be in this place, its much like home with all these friends from India. I certainly manage to cry just every alternate day and not daily! Haha.
So well, I am just going to post a few pictures here, so that you all can see where am I living! YEP, you all gotta know! 
So maybe, let me just begin with the pictures of Birmingham International. It is so much beautiful here! Beautiful and cold. FRIGGIN’ cold guys!
Just arrived, and this beautiful city of Birmingham welcomes you with chilly weather and amazing view from the Hotel’s window! So this is like my first day (and night) here. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amrit Sinha says:

    Glad to see you back to blogging … and hoping to read regular posts from you now 🙂

    Have a great life in the new place 🙂


  2. Sakshi Singh says:

    Of course I will Amrit! I missed your feedback!
    Thank you!


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