Been a real long while I posted anything. Maybe because earlier I used to think and share it here and still fell short of words. But life in your Masters, is so not easy and idle to sit in front of your laptop (other than assignments) and write about feelings.
But together, it was an unusual encounter with the past, with this one person and with the millions of thoughts and feelings that were just left unspoken, buried and cleverly neglected.

You know, past does matter. And it matter the most if it has hurt you then. Maybe moving on is just overrated and then forced on a human being, and pushed to call it “Hey mate, that’s how life rolls!”

But, having said that.. here is a confession with contradiction. Some things in life, specially when it comes to mirroring your past, are way too much better, unsaid. I know it does not really solve the issues or make you feel any better. But this realization takes a long while to pop into your head and it probably is way too late.
So the best thing to do is, ignore. Because you think you have moved on, and all the other things you thought were for your own good. Why question your own sense of living? Or leading a life?

The thing with past and all the feelings is, they will always.. ALWAYS.. bother you. Because they do not tend to give you satisfaction about the decisions made, EVER. They never will.
The thing to remember is, you did what you felt is the best for you.

Leave it all, unsaid. Because some things are not meant to be amended but to be left like that to make you feel sad about it. Too much happiness is not happening.

Happy sad-post from me guys.


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