15 seconds.

It has really been a tough week. Like literally. And not that my work is a pain or I have too many things to do or I am completely stressing out on deadlines at the end of financial year. No. Nothing of this sort.

Its just the mental stability issue that has been a bug. It bit me. And that has now swollen. (Yes like a bug-bite, you got it!)

But then it all seemed to fade away, or starting to vanish because of this little exercise I did with “freelancers careers” (they’re basically a firm who provide specific target jobs to freelancers!). So they handed over a couple of tests and asked a little about myself, I had to write few essays, articles and a 15 seconds speech to the world.

To your obvious understanding because I already this put that in italics, the speech came straight from the heart because there was a time limit and I could not do any reading or take up any base or even for that matter think what I was going to write. I just had to start.
So I wrote,

Trust me, everybody, I know. I know that not everything goes as planned and not everything is falling into the place you wanted it to. Its a mess. You are burdened with a big pile of responsibilities and a bigger one of your dreams, aspirations and demands. It is your expectations. And all of it, is absolutely right and fair. It is only one life. 
And having said that, since it is only one life, giving up cannot be an option. It has never been. It has always been about pushing and trying hard. Because in the end, all this struggle would mean nothing but a rough patch. And the result is going to be worth. We’re all destined for something good, bright and shiny.

So keep your faith in the position. Hope for the best. It will all come to you, very soon. Believe in HIM, he has planned everything all right.”

And then, it seemed more like a way to remind myself of the same.

Happy Thursday folks. 🙂

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