Its never too late!

when Alibaba was battling eBay in China, reporters used to call him “Crazy Jack” because of his animated manner of speaking and bold goals.” (Business Insider, 2016)

So I was just randomly scrolling down my Facebook feed and the TOI update of Jack Ma (Alibaba group) seemed to be a very interesting information. Maybe for a fact that stories like the ones about flunking exams, or never going to school, or just being rude to the teachers, or quitting Bain & Co., or selling off everything you had to travel the world, just seem very inspiring. Although I may never have the courage to be as dedicated or as rebellious or as strong to make a trail in a different direction against the world. Maybe because I have always had everything I ever asked for or even before I could ask for it. And maybe I was never a kid in school who wasn’t enjoying the life in school and fooling around in college to think or try to be any different from anyone. I was similar. I like being that way. Pretty fun and effortless, the life.
But then there is this time in your life, where the good life, where the completely hurdle-less, struggle-less life seems monotonous. And you start to find a way to just break out of it. Try to get access to unnecessary troubles. Build some worries inside your head. Start picturing yourself somewhere completely different from where you are. 
That’s when you start to aim. That’s when you start to desire the odd. That’s when you want to make a difference. And that’s when you want your “entry on wikipedia about you not by you” (YES I read it somewhere!!)
And trust me, the sheer thought of reaching somewhere/achieving something makes you feel good about yourself. Makes you want to acknowledge all that you are. Makes you want to make proper “use” of yourself. 
Its just never too late to start fresh.
So just in case, anyone of you is not sure of what you hold inside that tiny little brain of yours. Tickle it a little, start recollecting what all you have been through and the fact that YOU HAVE MADE IT THROUGH. You know you have it all, the energy, confidence, enthusiasm.. all of it.

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