The Little White Dress.

For some reason, I am not a “lets wear white” person. I feel it makes me look dark. For some of you who know me personally, are well aware how conscious the fact that “I GET TANNED EASILY” makes me ALLLL THE TIME!

But then,
Hello!!!!! Tan is sexy. And I cannot help the skin tone. So let’s just let it be.

So I was walking around this store in UK and I come across a white short dress, absolutely my kind, simple, plain, length totally perfect, just in WHITE. So I anyway buy it. Because well, you can never say no to a dress, be it any colour. Its just not fair!

I wore this one to a closed weekend lunch party cum get together. The look I wanted had to be pretty subtle, gentle on the makeup, and a bag of compliments, later. Haha! And while I was receiving a few compliments from the girls of my age they asked where and for how much did I buy the dress for. I realized that it maybe is only the way you carry yourself in that dress and not its brand or its price.
So ladies, don’t hesitate wearing dresses (clothes actually!) because they cost low, just make sure you properly accessorize them and carry them with confidence. As they say,

But whatever you wear, always dress to kill.”

This look can easily go with brunches, pool parties.. basically daylight events in summer. For a while, at least I am personally going to stick to the lighter shades, pastels maybe because it is just so much heat already. 😦

Makeup- Moisturizer and BB (Ponds); Blush (Peach); Liner (Matte Blue- Maybelline); Lipshade (Nude Pink (Matte)- NewLook.
Dress- Primark
Platform Wedges- Zebba (KOOVS)
Sling Bag- NewLook
Neckpiece- Blissful Accessories, Mumbai

I hope you all like it, and write to me with the feedback, comments and suggestions.
Happy Weekend folks! 🙂

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  1. You look Gorgeous! ❤

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    1. Stripes & Bows! says:

      Thank you Priyanka!

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