Sincerely, Suede!

“So its a Monday morning and I receive a text about him arriving at 2pm. A glow on my face, happiness in my heart and a bright smile.. that’s what the news brought along.

As the door bell rang, my heart skipped a beat. There was rush right inside the centre of my head. Slow swirls in my stomach. It better be him…

I rush to the door without my slippers, YES without slippers (excitement, you know!). I peep through the door hole and see that its HIM. 
It is hiiiiimm.. KOOVS DELIVERY BOY!”Shopping is a lot of drama and excitement! Bet you already knew!

So I thought of featuring this cute neon-peach crop top and a suede skirt that I wore to this little window shopping with my friend!
Colors like peach, pink, soft tangerines always make me feel poppy from the inside and well, you know how they look on the outside anyway! They are just my absolute favorite to wear anywhere in daylight! Bright, cheerful and happy!
Suedes however, give a little rich, edgy and sexy look! Suede skirts, pants, shorts can be tuned in with anything be it a simple plain shirt! I have always loved suedes in brown and beige!

Crop Top and Wayfarers- KOOVS
Skirt- HnM, UK
Slippers- Westside

Hope you all are having a great day! Have a great week ahead, folks! Xx! :*

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  1. You are so beutiful i love your blog


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