I have realized that weddings are just another reason to flaunt the very beautiful dresses from the very talented designers. Also, a lot of makeup, beautiful accessories and A LOT OF PICTURES! Picture, are of course a must! I am personally a huge fan, its like I am the happiest wearing Indian! Even during my college days in England, I did not leave a single chance to flaunt and take out my suits, sarees, lehengas too! They are just so effortlessly beautiful, no matter how and where you put them on!

So this post is specifically featuring my most favorite kind of lehenga, which is so much fashionably-in nowadays with this skirt in the bottom and a slit kurta on the top! Slits are undoubtedly, my favorite form of attire!

The best part about this one from Priti Arora‘s collection is its colour coordination, very comfortably going with the summer trend. And I teamed it up with nothing but my chand baalis that I brought from Bombay haat last year!

Have a look! And anybody needing more designs from this wonderful designer, should just get to this Facebook group, ASAP. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/510896852415872/)





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