No whining in Wine!

Hi guys! How is everyone doing? Its Fridaaaay.

So does it ever happen to you? That you find this gorgeous-goooorgeous wine dress that you can’t just get over? Like its so pretty, the flair, the colour, the cloth that is not bulky at all, the perfect length!! It does, right? The best part about wine colour is it is an absolute go any season, it neither too bright nor too loud!

Looks like I found one for myself and its just something I love so much! I did not even have to wear any heels with it! The fit made me look so tall already! I mean honestly, I happen to find very few dresses that go with my body type (YES we know the struggle!).. But I did, in the All About You section of Myntra and I am seriously going to browse through that very tab every time I am shopping online!


I paired the dress with my favorite Forever21 accessories and it was good to go! Have a look and thank you so much for all the love and support here and on instagram! Oh and on Roposo! You all are just so sweet with the comments!

By the way, my Roposo handle is- misssssingh (and its the same on instagram!)

Have a lovely weekend! Xoxo! ^_^

2 Comments Add yours

    1. Stripes & Bows! says:

      Thank you ☺️☺️😘😘


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