So what happens when you get out of a relationship?

So what happens when you get out of a relationship? Saturday afternoon and I am having long discussion about the same with a friend who seems so right that he maybe after a while start speaking my mind out.

So most of us, when we tend to break up with someone we blame the other person but sometimes we are so genuinely stupid and over-ignorant that we blame ourselves too. We blame that maybe we could mend our decision or say words that would hurt less. Truth is, it would hurt any way. And that is something you cannot control.

There is no way you can make the pain go away from a person suffering from cancer. Right?

I guess how ever hurtful the decision of breaking up with someone be, one has to do it. Because the relationship that you cannot stand is no good to be dragged. When two people choose to be in a relationship, they need to be mutually deciding to move out of it too. But when it does not happen, do you not see it? Do you not see how you do not gel together anymore? Do you not see you two are on different tangents and that too parallel tangents that are not meant to cross paths? And when you choose to avoid this, you are just being bullied into a relationship.

It is sad how some of us call it love, the idea of suffering and the idea of compromising into a relationship. Fact is, if it is something you have to “work out”, make amends, compromise, adjust.. then it is not ideal and is sure a relationship that it totally artificial. Of course there are certain issues which are easily resolved but when there are things that talking cannot sort out, it’s no good. It is just suffocation. So when you retaliate out of a relationship that has been forced on you, you are saving yourself.

I agree that being with someone changes you as a person, makes you habitual, transforms you in a certain manner and after you breakup this same process is again repeated. Sometimes it is very painful to get out of that zone. The zone you had been tripping. But maybe it is time to sober up and realize that there can be something, someone else giving you a better kick. Making life easier, happier. But you have to save yourself the drama and move away from the people who make this life too hard.

Life is about simple conversations, a kiss on the cheek, great views, beautiful movies, long drives, brewing coffees and a lot more things that come easy.

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