Kaftaan-ing this Weekend!


Hi guys! Hope everyone is home and sound since it is just SO HOT outside! Well of course unless you’re in Chennai, Kolkata or Andaman and enjoying the rains! Indore’s being so nasty and so hot its like 45 degrees! I am just wishing, dreaming, screaming that rains are here soon!

Now that I have explained how hot it is, you must understand my struggle of choosing to wear something which is easy, comfy and completely summer-ish! That is why, you all must buy a Kaftaan and style it differently! They are so pretty, so chic and so comfy, you can have the wind passing through you, haha! I wore this one like a top over my denim shorts and it went extremely well! I always love the idea when some outfit needs no styling and is effortless the moment you put it on! Kaftaans are a definite pick, girls! They a loose, they are stylish!

Kaftaan- Insha Lilaramani, Shorts- Forever21, Reflectors- SrStore (Find them tagged on my Insta!), Chappals- Woodland, Ring and Anklets- Linkin Road, Mumabai (Best place for street shopping!).


Happy Weekend!


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