I am not really sure if the title means anything but it rhymes! 😛

Hi lovelies! Hope you’re all staying bright and beautiful all week long! Its just Wednesday- I KNOWWWW! I am so much envying my Bombay and Kerela friends as they got rains! Its so hot still here in Indore, I can crib about it all day!

Anyway. Looks like summer has not had enough yet. I went out for an early lunch today. And it was just so good to connect with an old friend!

I wore a ruffled off-shoulder white top and skirt- white and navy, although its more like dotted- animal print sort of! I love this skirt though, I have it in three different types! Yes! Crazy shopper alerrrrrt! Teamed this super comfy and chic outfit with my NewLook metallic silver sneakers! Also, I am not a watch person but this ‘simple brown belt with an even sized white dial’ is my favorite. Its from Hugo Boss- love it.

Top and Skirt- Primark, UK

Sneakers- NewLook

Watch- Hugo Boss

And lovelies, since it is so hot and the heat- I just cannot take it! I kept the makeup light- very light.

I used Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum (in place of a regular cream because it helps the makeup stay!), foundation- NewLook (just under the eyes and jaw!), concealer- NewLook (outlined the lips and the eyebrowns). For the eyes, I applied a mascara and used the white kaajal. Little coral blush in the end (Maybelline- FitMe)! Lastly, my favorite liplove the Maybelline Lip Gradation– Coral! 💖

I’ll be posting more pictures of this look on Roposo! I hope you’re following me @missssingh ❤️

Have a beautiful day! Xoxo! 💋🌹


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