Type of Guy! 

It is often when a guy asks a girl about the “type of guy” she might like. Or what’s her type. I have personally never been able to answer that. I always end up saying that I do not have a type. But today, I just gave it a thought. Because I had to answer it to a guy I sort of like (if you’re reading this- TAKE A HINT!!). 

* Someone who would be fine with my mood swings because no matter what its all going to come down at him.

* Someone who’d not ask me why I am in bed all day looking at my ugliest, wearing pajamas, making weird faces and acting out all the time. He’ll just understand that I am down with my periods and he’ll be nicer! 
* Someone who’d take me out on long drives, play my favorite songs and not make me talk while I enjoy the songs.

* Someone who’ll help me pick up my dress when I get ready for my girls night! 

* Someone who would NEVER call me fat (or just occasionally and then ensure that he’s kidding)!!

* Someone who will let me do things on my own and help when I cannot do it on my own (mostly). But he will let me try, let me give in what I got. 

* Someone who will constantly motivate me to try, learn and do new things. Make me work on my instincts and talent. 

* Someone who will remind me that he loves me (not in a pushy or possessive way) but just every once a while! 

The list maybe is endless but these were the few things a girl would really need/want in her guy. 

Hope this helps the guys, and the girls, feel free to add on! 😉 
Happy Friday! ❤️

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