Boohooed in Black! 

So like everyone else I have a list of brands I always shop at! And I never regret. 

Boohoo is one of them. It all started when  I was living in England and Boohoo was just the best to be shopping online after NewLook and H&M! I am so fond of the kind of clothing and apparels they have! The quality and the style, chic and effortless. Sometimes very sexy. 

I brought this one from Boohoo while I was about to leave for my Eurotrip! Spent my entire day in Budapest wearing this lovely playsuit that I will try to keep safe ALL MY LIFE or as far as I can fit into it! You know sometimes there’s this one piece of clothing that you can never get over! This is it for me. 

Posed my best because wore my best! Created an old school-professor look for this one and teamed it up with my cream loafers.

Thanks for reading fellas! 

Love to all. Xoxo! ❤️❤️❤️ 

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    1. Stripes & Bows! says:

      Thank you😘😘😘


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