Sunday, distressed! 

Hola dearies! How is everyone doing? Its such a wonderful day today plus its a Sunday! All light and lovely! 

Last week I shopped a couple of ONLY and MANGO stuff, not to mention I am loving the collection all over! I have always been the fussy one when it comes to a jeans. I need the proper fit and the proper length even the proper pockets! I sort of dream about the perfect pair of denims that I carry on with without a thought! The colour, the texture, the pattern and everything! It is quite a task for me to shop jeans! I swear. 

So I bought these, the distressed denim and I am completely in love! I love how they fit proper and the length as well as the edges. Best part is it is mid waist, I already have a bunch in high waist and the low waist ones, am not really a fan of those. This just starts and ends exactly where it should from top to bottom. Yeees, I do this much of thinking! Believe it or not! 😛😛

Went for a comfy, distressed and effortless look for a Sunday morning outing. The cami’s from MANGO and is so soft. Teamed it along with my silver wedges from NEWLOOK that I bought while I was living in England. Metallic shoes are just love! 

Hope you all are having the perfect Sinday, chilling and all. 

Bought this sexy brallet from a Bombay exhibition and can’t help but flaunt it! 😉

Let me know how you liked the pictures! ❤️


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