To the guy I meet next. 

I know I am just difficult. Difficult to understand and difficult to even try falling in love with. I am not the usual. And I will complain when you do the things that most girls will love. I know it all. And trust me I do not try harder to make it more hard than it already is. But it is just me. And if I try to change it, I will no more be me. I will no more be the girl who loves to go out with her guy friends, who loves to party, who loves to spend Friday nights in pajamas watching FRIENDS, who loves to shop with her girl friends, who loves you to hang out with her family, who wants you to be there on her girls night out too sometimes, and who wants you to be the “bro thing” with her guy friends and her brother, who wants you to go out with your friends, who wants you to NOT cancel your plans for her (if its not anything urgent), who wants you to be WHO YOU ARE and who will never want you to transform into something that you aren’t. I will freak out on small things and you will have every right to scold me over it. I will tell you, like literally complain about things at work, or just somebody’s clothes and you can always find me stupid. I will need constant pampering and no you will not have to do it in public, I like my attention all to myself. I will listen to you if you do not like someone associated to me, I will see it through your point of view and I swear I will consider what you always, ALWAYS think and feel right about.

Of course it is a little tough to take in and a lot to adapt. And maybe there will be compromises and fights, but we’ll make it through. Because we will know each other. And that is what matters. That is what should matter.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kaanchi Dave says:

    Sakshi singh idk how you know so much about me but this exactly fits me.. this 1 is so close to my heart and as i alwaya say u such a magic to our times! Love u much more 😘


    1. Stripes & Bows! says:

      I am so glad that it connects love! 😘❤️ truck loads of happiness to you💞


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