Glam with Devyani!

Hi guys! Thank you so much for the over-whelming comments, support and love all over here, Instagram and Roposo! Its always nice to hear such motivating things or “hey you’re doing so well”!

There’s this thing about your home city, a couple of reasons why the moment you land in there you know you’re HOME. And there’s just no place better, more welcoming and “yours truly”. Indore’s the same to me. Small and definitely not a metro, but we have no bounds when it comes to love and encouragement. Over time, my city has evolved into a place where you can bring in newer things everyday and the level of adaptation towards those things is unbelievable! Plus since it is comparatively smaller to Bombay or Delhi, everybody knows everybody!

Devyani Bajpai is the most celebrated hair and makeup artist in my city, actually its not just the city. She happens to be working with Femina Miss India pageants, NIFD projects, TV Commercials, Models and what not. She always amazes me with the new things she brings in, different makeup styles, hair dos, hair extensions, colors, lashes, face art and the list is pretty long. And the best part is you will not feel how successful she is until you read it in the magazines, newspapers and everywhere else. That’s the most I like in people, they never forget their roots. Its always wonderful to work with such down to earth souls. Motivates the inside of me, I swear!

So coming to the point.. haha. We did a look a couple of days back called “Her signature bright & bold swarovski #CutCrease“. Although to me it was some makeup magician doing great things on my face and making me jealous. I swear every time I meet such talented people it leaves me in an awe that this world is full of such wonderful souls and how everyone can be a great team together. Be it the designers I collaborate with, the photographers, the jewelry designers and here, Devyani. She is just too good at work and the best part is she still wants to learn newer things and reach to broader horizons. Trust me, the kind of lazy I am, I need a daily doze of people like that for persuasion.

Am I just talking too much in this post? Its maybe because I have had such a great time with getting the makeup done and the photoshoot later. It has been a wonderful experience. So here, without boring you all too much- The pictures! I am assuming you’ll love them too!


So you see? How edgy I looked after this. Like edgy, bold and sexy! Makeup does wonders, ladies! This look you can definitely pull off on a Friday cocktail night- as it wasn’t too much. It was just right. Just the right amount of glitter. And just the right amount of shiny and matte. (I know I really wanted to hit any bar/club/pub as soon as we were done with the work, haha!)

If you’re following me on Instagram, you must have already seen her tag in my pictures. But here’s the link to her Facebook page for much more wonderful makeup videos and her work-

So my stars, its time to shine! Xo :*

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  1. The eye makeup looks just amazing! Looking beautiful

    Cherriesnstrawberries recently posted


    1. Stripes & Bows! says:

      Thank you so much! 😀

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