Before he happened.


The thing is, I never knew before he happened. And its okay considering the kind of relationships people fall into these days, so shallow. We are the tinder generation anyway- and PROUD! I mean who has feelings? Who has the balls to fall in love? Like are you even listening to yourself? The Nicholas Sparks love? No. Go see someone, you’re maybe too lonely and that is causing this damage to your head. Love- bah!

But let me tell you, all of this can go to hell when you happen to meet someone who just does not fit in and you still want to use your last breath on this planet to make it work. THAT’S WHEN. You will know things will get shittier- with. each. day. But you’re okay with it. The fights, those small fights will gain the size of dinosaur by the end of the day- those fights are capable of ruining your days and weeks. But you, you my friend will take it. You will somehow take up extra energy to make amends, to solve them, and to do the same again. Its like a fight cycle. It is! It is like this step by step process of reaching no where but again from where you started. And none of those fights will make sense, the arguments are purely baseless and the tantrums that you throw at each other are a mere waste of energy. And I’ll tell you what- you already know it. But somehow every other day it will happen. Honestly, I never got tired of it. I like the fact how we still wanted fight like cats and dogs and make it work.

So before “he happened”, things were sort of fine. Content. And now after he’s been there, its more like filling. Its like I was say- half stomach empty and now its full. Some people make their way into the lives and complete it in a manner no one else did. And its perfectly fine if they were never meant to fit in, or come along at this point of time when everything else is a priority and not a relationship- or in the girl dictionary- ‘some guy’.

Believe me, its okay. Things will eventually fall into the place. Don’t try too hard to understand or anticipate how it’ll work out, what’ll be the future- or worse- if there’s a future at all. No. If its meant to be it will. You know you have poured in all your heart and you know there’s nothing more that you can do. So be there. Enjoy it. Love it.

Xo 🙂

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