I know you’re there and I know you mean it!


So I literally happened to watch “A little bit of heaven” twice this week. No no, I am not jobless. I just sort of liked it too much I guess. And I love Kate Hudson, she is one stunning woman. Even when she’s playing a cancer patient, she’s equally gorgeous and natural.

Well, to my folks who haven’t yet watched it- she dies in the end. This is no surprise, its even their in the synopsis of the movie. So hey, don’t blame me! But that’s not what I am trying to tell you here. When she’s about to die there’s a phase which is like the hardest time of her life and she’s mad at every single person she connects with. Her mother, her boyfriend, her friends and even her dog. She’s just mad at all the people who don’t want to hurt her. And she knows it. We do too. Right? I know. I know my mother hates it when something’s bothering me and she cannot help me with that. I know how my boyfriend wants me to tell him what’s making me so anxious. And my friends, my best friend specially- she just wants me to spill. The thing is, each and every one of them just wants to know what is bothering me so much and help me through it. If they can. If they can’t, they’d rather support me in any mental form possible than let me deal with it alone.

And see! I know it. Yet I repeat this process once in a month, sometimes twice in the same week. I lose it. But every time that I lose my shit, they handle me. They handle my tantrums, they deal with my mood-swings, they listen to my tone.. but they do. I guess I do it too for them, but personally I am the buff here.

The point is- I know they are there and I know they will always be. I cannot begin to imagine how hard it might just be to get over with the things if I did not have these people around. So, I need them. You need them. Even when you don’t know that you do. The reason somebody is bothered to know what’s going on is only because they care. And only because they somehow want to be a part of it so that you do not face all of it alone. Every time you push them away, they come back. You know why? Because they know you are worth it, they know that you are always going to be this little baby on the inside and you will need them.

Give them something to keep doing that. Give them your time. Give them your affection, support and care. Give them appreciation. Give them hugs, the goddamn squeezing hugs! Keep them close.


Its a Monday- hope this helps through the week!


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