Enter two people, only.

When you are a little too much into your twenties your life is all about how “they” see it. You will be constantly bothered about what your actions imply to or are they misleading or is somebody going to misinterpret them and make a deal out it. Let me tell you, they eventually will. Because that’s what people are for. They want to do that. Well, some of them. And for some of them you are only a subject like in school with 7 other subjects. It changes what they study, every 45 minutes. This is kinda similar, you know.

I happened to realize this a little too late when I unknowingly let everyone into my personal affair. And while their words affected us both, they seemed to move on from it quite easy. Its like they had come in to ignite the fire and leave it to burn. I know the phrase sounds just too dramatic but my point, nothing else matters if two people are in for something they really care about. No one else cares.

It is only the two of you that matter. It is only your decisions, your wishes, your dreams and only YOUR future.

Sometimes we hurt the people who really matter to us because of the people who barely know us. Because of people who wouldn’t know a bit about what you two share. “Two”. You two. Its only your feelings to share and to matter. In the end, its only going to be you “two” left alone to feel the pain and to handle the consequences. Never make your decisions over what your friends, parents or whoever think. Two people, capable of getting along together and choosing each other must ALWAYS stand by the decision they made.


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  1. ʞɐ says:

    One can only complete the another. The one being the right and the perfect one and have a mutual understand of each other and most importantly understand each other. I guess that’s what is called love. Something I have no idea or command about so I will restrain from speaking about it.
    So, society, the people, the friends, the family, whomnot, they always have an opinion and think that they always know better than the others. But they don’t the people they are taking about, their feelings, their dreams and aspirations. But still they have a knack of putting their finger.
    So like you said, if two people have each other, they can battle through the storm without even breaking a sweat and what is life and society when compared to that.

    P.S. I got carried away. I completely forgot what I wanted to say. 🙈 Anyway, take care. 🙂


    1. Stripes & Bows! says:

      Great Words! I know what you mean and I absolutely stand by the same! So proud to see the like-mindedness. Glad you could connect to this! 🙂

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      1. ʞɐ says:

        Thank you. 😊
        The feeling is mutual. 🙂

        So many typos. 🙈


      2. Stripes & Bows! says:


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