Never enough.

Do you ever feel like you are suddenly growing up too fast? And it’s not the age. It is the adulthood. The overrated adulthood. It’s hitting you pretty soon, pretty much. I mean not that I am not fond of people acting their age or I don’t want to do that myself but since a couple of weeks, it has been literally coming at me. Loudly.

I can’t remember when did the carefree phase pass by. Feels like it’s over too soon. I did not take enough pictures or meet enough people or got drunk or traveled or just danced on loud music. I didn’t do it enough. I know I need to do it all. Over again. And I need to keep doing it for a duration much longer than I have done it. Because clearly it’s not enough.

But then. What is? What is enough? Ever?

I have been thinking. A lot. With my moving to a new city and this new job thing, I have been just thinking. Mumbai’s traffic and long hours on the road are to be blamed, though. The city is nothing but a coyote! To be honest. It’s stubborn and yet everybody loves it. It’s snobbish yet everybody hauls the tantrums with pleasure. And everything has made me realize how nothing is enough. Regardless of the duration.

It is neither the fun, the drunk nights at a club, the loud music, the strangers, the vacations, the friends nor the love. Not even the person you fall in love with. Never enough. It’s human, I guess.

Although I wish, in the most sincere form that I get to hold on the things I love or I have now for a much longer time. The people, the place, the memories too. I am going to miss keeping them otherwise. Like I already miss the time I spent last year. I do and my Facebook wall evidently proves that.

But who am I to say? I won’t get to make this choice. It’s time and it never stops.

So folks, hold on to it. Whatever it may be. I know it’s never enough. But for how much ever time you have it, it’s yours.


This time, last year. Just wasn’t enough!

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