Some serious geeking n’ freaking around.

Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am. -Harvey Specter 

I swear, I love this man! Not that Suits is not a brilliant concept for a TV Series but this guy is only why I watch it. Over and over again. So when the Social Media Manager of Geeks N’ Freaks approached with this cute t-shirt, I had to pounce on to the opportunity. Trust me, I went over their homepage again and again but it was so hard to decide which one to choose. If you’re a comic-con person specially- YOU NEED ONE OF THESE for the next season.

Geeks N’ Freaks is all about wearing your Fandoms. I went to their homepage on Facebook and it says “Awaken the Geek Within”. Loved it, haha! Not to mention i am absolutely crushing over the Batman t-shirts they have in stock. Can’t wait to wear them! Check out their collection at-

Meanwhile, please have a look at these pictures that I totally love. I mean I might just sound more obsessed than I already am but this t-shirt is like so comfy and light. Didn’t even make me look fat. Believe me, most t-shirts do!



I styled the T-shirt two ways. One is the simple yet cool way- tucked it into my favorite piece of shorts that I bought from Primark when I lived in UK. These are my most favorite and comfortable high-waist shorts. These are more like my buddies actually. Haha.

Second way- I tied the t-shirt like a crop and it worked just fine! 😉

And wore my shimmer shoes from KOOVS.

Style it whatever way, Harvey always looked sexy! *intense crush over Gabriel Macht* FOR REAL.

Okay, enough fan-girling. I’ll see you guys soon with another post. Hope you had fun reading and looking at the pictures. Get yours today!


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