Seething to bloom.



You are boiling from the beneath. You are struggling. You are fighting from the inside. You are looking for every ounce of the way to get out. You are holding back. You are seething to bloom.

A series of past events have been mind numbing and nerve wrecking alarming. Contradicting but yes. Some of the things that happened were enough to shut me down and to “let it be”. But some of them needed some kind of attention, undisputed attention. And then I realized how tricky can life be. How exciting and boring. How ugly and well very beautiful. How painful yet very healing.

Every day is nothing I would expect out of life and its sort of sometimes disturbing. To everyone, in fact. It’s like all the things that you anticipate are plain bullshit because that won’t happen. So what do we do? Do we give up? Do we never make any hopes again? Do we lose the faith? Do we not trust?

No. We do that. Even more. Because life can be one stubborn bitch and you will need an immense amount of energy to give back to it. You need a heavy amount of trust, faith, and hope. Oh, hope! You will sure need a lot of support and a bag full of love. Because you are only human and it’s allowed for you to lose it once in a while.

All you gotta do is, you gotta make sure that you rub harder and polish brighter. The shine will be back. You can dull, you can pale but then you gotta bloom. Because that’s what you are meant to do. That’s what the aim is. That’s why you’re here. You’re here because you can deal with it. You’re strong, always will be. And some days, you might as well need someone to tell you that. But you’ll know. For sure.

Because you’re here. You were meant to be given this. This struggle was hand-picked for you. And you can not let it waste. You must live through it. You must have the stories how you overcome and how you held on.


Oh and this picture is only here because I wanted you all to see how gorgeous my hair looked last night. 😛 

Have a great week ahead, lovelies! 🙂


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