…take it, smiling :)

So when I met her for the first time, I thought she was a normal kid. May be just poor, but a normal free willy kinda kid. She’s probably 8 years younger to me, I am not sure.

When I moved to this new city, I had a few friends and their house is my new home now. They are my people. I took a while to register that she out of all the people in the house is at home all day, doing the odd jobs. Although, we did have a maid and never really anyone would ask her to do anything. She is like a younger one in the house. With all of us being girls, working and studying, she was never really seen doing anything. No going out and everything. One day, I popped the questions, and these people told me that she has been misguided by an older guy and that she might send her back as she is a young girl, not even fully grown, if she enters into a problem it is a problem for all. And no matter how much they do love her, it is too much to take. Seemed fair also, to me. I mean in a country like India, or for that matter anywhere else too, it is too much for other young troubled minds to take anyone else’s trouble. Like trouble piling on and on and on…

But then, things started to change… And the process wasn’t gradual. It was like in a bunch of days when I saw her changing. Of course, we used to suspect when she started going to her english speaking class regularly and started to behave properly and what not..

Until today, when I spent the entire Saturday afternoon with her. She comes from a place no one would want to belong from. She is sad. She never shows. It is so weird for a 15 year old hold so many emotions inside. Like how can she possibly take pride in what she is and where she is from. Like it is no big deal. Like she was maybe destined for this life and she took it, smiling.. Can you believe she doesn’t know when her birthday is? I mean I know almost everyone, including myself being excited about the day we were born and she was just given a day- this is your day. And she believed. She chose to accept it. And today, when I asked her, she said the same to me. And do you know how she puts it, she says, I am glad for all that I have.

So what do we learn? I learnt a lot. However, I feel moving to a new city gives you a perspective. It frees your mind, for new things. New experiences. New mind-set. It makes you believe in the things that did not exist for you before. It makes you want to know more, explore.. And it makes you un-judge everything you did before. It tells you stories, it gives you lessons.. Just like this 15 year old gave me one today. She taught me to believe. And she taught me to be satisfied. She knows things can get hard as she grows up, and maybe she isn’t prepared but she is ready to take it up. Because what else can you do? Why can’t you welcome all that comes? Why can’t you have faith? Why do you lose hope so soon?

And somehow I know, that where I am today. Tomorrow might not be as flowery and shining as this, but it is going to be fine. And I shall take it, smiling.. 🙂


The year’s about to end folks, live it to your best!

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