“Monogamy is dull”, he said

Another story, at the bar…

So it was one of the random-heading-to-the-bar-night because it is a weekend and you are under 25 in a city where all the glamour is (at least in India). Like a tradition, me and the folks hopped into a bar in all the fancy clothes and a salary card. I wore my newly brought dress from Zara and I just wanted to flaunt it, which in a way was a reason to hit the bar in the first place. What other way can I snapchat the eventful life of my own?
Since this long time, its been years now that I have been going to bars and clubs and meeting people, some very interesting, some of them super hot and some just plain boring. We had started to tag them now. It is really funny after a couple of drinks down. This night of course was not any different. Pretty girl sipping her sangria, guy walks up to her blah blah.. However, this time, this guy was a fancy pant. Like he was all engineer he could be. Applications, engineer. If you wonder! He was all sweeping me off with his great knowledge of art, culture, books, poets, painters even.. He even sang for a bit and that was awkward.
While he did his chores, I realised that I was enjoying the conversation. So I out of all the selfish motive, slipped in the word “relationships”. His views were quite normal to my surprise. But then after three statements of his own, he happened to quote,”monogamy is dull and boring”.
Literally, it took me two seconds to wave at my friend and soon I was next to her pleading to come to the ladies room with me. I realised how it hurt. His words. He is just a guy at the bar, the ones you hook up with, the ones you do your short night stands with, the ones you talk about deep topics and do the shallow things with. Something was really bothering me while I tried to pretend to pee as I had dragged my friend to the washroom claiming my uncontrollable nature’s call. I felt I was ditched by his thoughts. Not that I had pictured my entire life with him but the guy who spoke to nicely about art and culture and books, had such low not-so-nice views about relationships and maintaining faith.
I mean I know not all men or for the matter people are like that but then why? No one wants to be cheated on, or played on. No one, I am sure wants to be a second or a third or fourth! Each one of us wants to be the only if not the first.. then how is monogamy boring and dull? The words just seemed so sad to be coming out of damn mouth. I felt bad for him. And his thoughtlessness. I felt he needed help. Or he just needed to be felt unwanted. Only that is when he would know the need of a faithful, truthful relationship.

Not that I am any psycho sadist or something but people do need a taste of their own medicine sometimes. But I do hope that his views change.

13118314_234062720294865_1479724112_nThere is nothing more beautiful in having someone beside you taking every step. My parents did and they have never let each other down, no matter how hard the times would be. I know its hard, but you gotta believe, in the power of togetherness, love and faith in each other. That is what will keep it going, alive and kicking!

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