saying yes to the false!

And loving it…

I love false eyelashes! I do. I have been mortified since ever with the idea of putting adhesive in my eyes and that is simply because I am capable of pulling my real ones (however short) along with it. I am a clumsy person and this one time I almost did what I am terrified of.

So that was it, my first and the last try of putting them on. But then this shoot happened and they looked so pretty when I put them on! Like so pretty, I wish I have eyelashes like that for real.


So I decided to use the power of Youtube and look for the easiest tutorial. And you will not believe until you practice, but this is as easy as it looks.

Seven Easy Steps To False Lashes!


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  1. toots says:

    I struggle so much with trying to decide if I should wear false lashes or get extensions! I’m also allergic to latex so it took foreverrr to find a good glue! But your lashes look on point! ❤


    1. Sakshi Singh says:

      I would suggest extensions! But for all my knowledge in the subject, they last for about two months or so. If you are allergic, you might want to really do the reading and use the best adhesive. I like the one from L’oreal, there’s one from Revlon too, it dries quick.
      Thank you 🙂

      Hope to see your pictures soon, xo


    1. Sakshi Singh says:

      Thank you, thaaank you ❤

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