Let’s face it, it’s harder than it looks! 

Isn’t it? To find the right shade in the contour kit and then apply it because if you are me, it must have been years for you till you finally were able to decide what shade foundation should really go!

I have found the blessing, ladies. I have. It is the NYX Wonder Stick! And it is oh-so-wonders-on-my-cheeks.

This. Buy this. Today!



I have had absolutely no trouble applying it with the help of my few favourite beauty bloggers (that too because I did not want to highlight a wrong area, haha!). Try this, let me know how is it suiting you all? 🙂


Do you see the cheeks? Oh those cheeks! 😀 Got bless NYX. Ps, are you following me on instagram, yet? 🙂


What do you think? Simple, classy and it looked great. I mean it. It is not always that I love a product way too much, but love is a LOT for this one specially!

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