Still going…

“We are stories still going…”

Aren’t we all? No matter how desperate life pushes our will to completely give up, we are still going.. that is how it should be. I, of all people, is a firm believer of ‘it all happens for good’. Yet, I will be the person cribbing about it all the time. If you were a close one, you’d know. My list of complaints is never ending. But then, I have no control over what happens, when it happens and most of all, who does it. I learnt the hard way though. But eventually, everything you feel you cannot live without.. fades. The only thing you needed (or a person) to go on, the intense sentiments, they fade. Sometimes you try to elude, you try to escape the thoughts that lead you to the realisation of your own helplessness. But think about it, is it worth?

I learnt it the hard way, like I said. I learnt how I was willing at one point of time, to do the extremes for a person who  wouldn’t take a scar for me, leave alone the bullet. Because that is how things worked for him. And then there was disappointment, there was distastefulness, there was self-loathing.. but then one day a weird thing happened in an argument, that led me to wonder if I was devoting my deepest feelings into a shallow pot of no feelings at all. I was. I was doing it.

You know, after a point of time, it won’t even hurt. The panting pain in your head, it will stop. Your heart recovered before you could know. And you are lighter, lighter than ever. Without the burden of things that made you weak.

You need someone who celebrates your mere existence in their life.

They should.

There is no such low bar than any other that you set for yourself. You are you and the people in your life must admit how wonderful you are with your makeup, your clothes, your slangs, your work, your mindfulness and everything you are made of. Because that’s who you are in the first place. Nothing in the world justifies that you change. And you must not. There is a thin line between being wrong and being taken wrong. If you are treated with the latter, you should leave. Leave it there and move ahead. Not searching, life in all odds is already doing it for you. 🙂

And oh, I tried faux eyelashes again! Let me know if you like them too 😉

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