On Wednesdays, We Wear Black

Don’t we? But who am I kidding, I can wear black all the time and not be apologetic about it. Sorry colours, I love you, but black is the love till eternity!

A normal day at work. Although to be honest, my days are not so normal… I wake up and only my lord knows how I drag myself into the shower with my uber almost arriving and doing my makeup simultaneously. Lucky for me, my ‘Meena didi’ takes care of my food and tea else I would starve myself and later eat the makeup off my face (jokes!! please!!).

The photos I am about to put up are not so clear and neither are from a proper camera. But my friend at work put a lot of love and effort to design my site’s cover image and I must flaunt it.

Sakshi Singh
I swear, I love it.

Since it was another work day, but a day and we know how we go out… However hard the drill is, to begin the day, girls just get it right.

Turns out, we find this shutter in sky blue colour and I call my colleague to rush over and click some photos of me. I know that is me. And that is what I do.

Sakshi Singh
Don’t I love this slit from Koovs and the best pair of jeans ever from Only? Yes, I do!
Sakshi Singh
And my hair is growing, yay 🙂

Xo, see you soon.

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