Day Dreaming In The Desert!

How are you, my lovelies? This month has been ah-ma-zing! I had a short trip to Dubai and the city is magnificent! 

Dubai. Dreamy. Classy. Luxurious. And welcoming! If you are travelling to Dubai for the first time, let me please ask you to keep an open mind about all the middle eastern cultural rumours you’ve heard. The city does have its own boundaries, guidelines, rules and rituals but at the same time, the Middle East has a lot to offer. You can be yourself, and be the tourist you are in any other European city for that matter. The people are wonderful and the hospitality is really warm. So head to Dubai, now is, in fact, a good time. The temperature is only up till 34 degrees and believe me that is more like winter in there. Enjoy sipping coffee at JBR, take a dip in the pool, hit the Dubai Mall: make sure you don’t miss the musical fountain, the best view if from the TGI Fridays which gives you an incredible view of the Burj Khalifa too, shop for souks and make sure you head to the Old Dubai market in the day. Visit the Ferrari world and don’t you miss the desert safari. Try an abaya, get some henna, enjoy kebabs and smoke sheesha at the beach: Barasti, my recommendation, and do go for a long drive around the Sheikh Zayad road after the traffic hours! It is incredible, this city!

Here are some photos I couldn’t wait to share 🙂


In the midst of nowhere, that is exactly what you feel in a Desert. Now to some, the feeling might seem like they’re lost. To me, it was rather enlightening. I sat in their for two hours. No talking. 


Your sunglasses should be as big as your dreams. Haha. 


My outfits, if you have known me longer, you’d know are always EXTRA. Top from Zaastra; Pallazo from Shopperstop; Sling from Lulu and Sky 🙂





And we stayed up there to catch the beautiful sunset. It was, beautiful! 


This is probably the only picture in an Abaya that I have, but it is my favourite! 🙂




So everyone, let me know how did you like the photos 🙂






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