Eventful Delhi! :)

Delhi or should I say Dillli has always been close to my heart. And I guess it will always be. Lots and lots of memories flashback in my head and they are all so precious! 

Now that being said, I have been travelling to New Delhi quite often nowadays. And except for the smog and traffic on the highway, there is nothing much I am looking to change.

November 18, was one of such nights. The night when you get so much of attention that your feet are up in the air. And if you do know me, you must already know that is what I dig. Haha. I hosted the second edition of ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS, a segment of awards for the Indian Optical Industry. Now it might not sound fancy as you read it, but I have had the biggest opportunity to collaborate with brands like Carrera, Polaroid and Silhouette with this particular project. And it has been a blast!

I wore a beautiful gown designed from Firangi and the compliments were so flattering that I may have to wear it again someday to just get a confidence boost.

This one’s just dreamy. This gown.
Flaunting the portrait mode in iPhone.
So proud associating with such big brands. Kudos to you guys for a kickass show!
IMG_0700 (1)
Okay, Sephora is LIFE. But its Ruby Red is beyond.



A night as a host! *nervous*


Yes, I did need a beer after speaking, addressing, spot prizes and almost cracking silly jokes in front of 200 people. I did. God Bless Heineken.

See you all soon with some updates from my cousin’s wedding!

Are we in touch on Snapchat (@singhiiii) and Instagram (@misssssingh)?

Xo. ❤



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