More Mustard, Please!

I have this thing, every time there is a new colour for the season I will overdo it. I will wear it, I will preach it like literally! Is that the case with you too?

That being said, I bought this really cute piece from Shein Official. It is a boho swing dress (like really swings when the wind blows)! So, ladies, cycling shorts/tights/inner are a must! However, there is absolutely no issue if you don’t wear one 😉

Tiny little flowers and petals are my things in prints. They are so lively yet minimal. Not the loud big flowers, NO. The small ones that make you go “weeee…”.

You can still buy this one for yourself though. Check out their summer/spring collection. I think it’s fab.

Also, I am updating my Instagram every day, like all day, let’s connect?

Here: misssssingh

This is the link to the product, ladies:

Details: The dress has three-quarter sleeves and it is absolutely free-flowing. Meaning ‘s’ being the smallest, it will still be loose. However, it is a total catch for summer days. Team this one with your floaters, hat, and sunnies! And oh, let your hair loose. Let the wind flow 🙂


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