“We Crave New Beginnings” – Alison Malee

An afternoon at work and I am just done reading a fabulous article by Monsieur Dior, when suddenly I check my Instagram feed and I read Alison’s post

For some reason, it took me back to a few (many) things that I left in between because I lost my heart into it. And since then, I have always found myself blaming that I am maybe what they call “indecisive”. But I guess, I too, like Alison, crave new beginnings.

There is this funny thing that us, humans, have been blessed with. It’s called a heart. And believe me, when I say this, only your business is for your head. Rest everything, let this little guy handle it for you. Why? You can always self-loathe. And also, because when your heart tells you to do something, you can never second guess. I mean, you’d be dead. It is beating and you are alive.

Maybe we all do. Maybe we crave for new things. These things might not be necessarily better than the previous. Might be just a wee bit different and there is no noticeable distinguishing. But that should not make you not do it. You should. You must walk out of a relationship if you are craving for a new person’s attention. You should quit your job because the other one seems to bring something new to the table. You should pick an activity that makes you feel more refreshed than the last one. You must dance, sing or play. You must make new friends if you cannot invest any more in the previous relationships. You should move to a new city because you cannot live here anymore. You are just bored. There is absolutely no need to find a deeper meaning in this context.

That, there, is a circle of life. 

Crave new things, it is the perfect human thing to do. It just is.

Credits to Alison for writing such an alarming post and sharing it. She happens to be one of the most amazing poet’s I have come across. The ones that write and you read it, and it straight pours into your heart. Sometimes even breaks it. That’s Alison.


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