Another Day At Work: Fun and Frolic!

It’s crazy, you know. It is fun, it is hectic, it is giving me dark circles for real. I am mean I am pretty sure in a couple of months one might not see my eyes and only them circle. Dark and big! But as I said, it is damn fun

That being said, I work as an editor for a bunch of magazines, I assist in design, I write, I of course, decide what’s going to be up for which issue. Now as much as I love my job, there is always something new one has to come up with. Sometimes, just for the kicks. I have been a lead and a part of many campaigns, that connect the retailers with the consumers.

This time, however, it was time to give a chance to the dear retailers to learn something. To be able to communicate, to get away from the hesitation and problems like”is my grammar correct”. They were taught how to sell luxury products to a customer who is willing to spend more than a usual/average customer: the HNI customer, with high income.

Here’s another piece that I wrote, which I believe if you are industry-mate, might interest you: Your Customer’s Journey Towards Buying.

But but but, I’d also want you to see what I wore! I wore an amazing dress from Rajwadis, in Indore! She has beautifully designed this floor length dress with florals and a cape that I absolutely love. She is Shinu Agrawal, a dear friend. (My friends, so talented!)

I teamed the attire up with my silver jhumkis bought from Pipabella, my forever favourite! Put on light makeup and my new shade from LA Faelle, Paris.

_DSC0234 (1)




I do hope you all like the pictures and comment 🙂

Ps., Since I organised the event, I would love to thank Courtyard by Marriott’s team in Mumbai. They are the stars!


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