Reasons to live.


An early morning walk to the beach, a coffee by the window, dinner with the family, a sunny day with smiles all over the place, a good day at work, the smell of fresh raindrops on the ground, a brilliant book, good music…

There have been times when none of the above made any sense. Coffee was just regular coffee to keep me up, music was just to avoid the noise of the traffic, rain was tacky and inconvenient, family as burdening, beach was just a regular scenery from the bedroom window. None of it seemed to appeal without this one person. Why? I wondered. It is the same coffee now, and the beach is a great view. Only now, I have become accustomed, more like habitual of the fact that somedays alone is a company too. A better one. You are not hiding, not making up for your wrongdoing, not feeling guilty over things you shouldn’t have to, and not feeling the constant need to love or be loved. Everything is smooth. Smooth is good. Smooth is easy. And sometimes, you need this easy. You need a chaos-free life. When there is no rush to do anything anymore. You learn to adjust with your own needs. You give time to your own self than just worrying and pleasing. Every relationship is work. It can even be one with your cat. It takes efforts.

It’s okay sometimes to not put in efforts and keep living, keep floating, keep moving. Every day does not have to be the one like Mumbai locals.

Some people in your life walk into your life only to make you understand that better you will do even if no one is around.

So here, reasons to live:

Good music
Work that makes you want to go to work
Singing even
Everything that makes your eyes glow and fills your heart with emotions. Each and every emotion, piece by piece.

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