When something breaks it usually can never be fixed. It has the cracks and if it shatters, well good luck putting all the pieces together but something will always be missing.

So take a break. Press pause. Let it go.

Easier said than done. I know. I held on to a lot of things, I still do. I have been meaning to let them go but every single time there is a movie or someone so much as even talks about mortal kombat, I am easily transported to the times that haunt me every day. For the longest, I ran away from people, memories, even songs that connected me to certain dots that had already been erased.

The thing is, you can’t hold on to it all. It is a lot, and it is unnecessary.

I get it and it is absolutely normal to be scared to not deal with it. Dealing with it every day and sulking is easier. But for how long will you keep doing it? For how long will you keep on realising that it was your mistake and that you were not the best person there is.

So what if you are still a work in progress and the you still make wrong decisions to the best of your knowledge. You are learning. You can’t get it right and get it all at once. It is a process. Life is a process.

People will change, you will change. People will move on, so will you. Everything will happen in it’s own time. Step by step. So take a break from the guilt, from the unhappy, from the tired eyes, from the holding back, from the self-blaming, and from the burden. Take a break.

And let it go. If it was meant to be, it will find a way. So have faith that something better is on its way. 🙂

Oh and there's a picture of me and my pup, featured just for your smile ^_^

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