What makes you happy?

I bet if someone asked you this question, you’d think. You will take a wise moment to respond to a question that needs nothing but a spontaneous answer.

I never realised it until earlier this year when I was going through a breakup, toxic work life and many mental health issues that I needed to look out for myself. I need to find something that makes me want to get out of the bed on the weekends and makes me feel good about myself. To tell you the truth, my ego is very fragile. And growing up, I have always been concerned about certain things, my body has always been one of my insecurities. I always, ALWAYS watch my diet. I focus on what I wear and whatnot. I’ll always be presentable even if it is 2 in the morning. That’s me. Obsessed, insecure, and conflicted.

It takes courage to admit something like this. I know it did for me. To be honest, it was my ex who made me see this. He made me realise how I somewhere sought approvals from the world, even on social media. It was a life-changing moment for me the night he casually told me about this. I worked through it. I let it sink in me and then I, till date, am trying to grow out of these insecurities. Inch by inch.

And then, came dancing. I do Zumba these days. It is EPIC. I learned the tango, salsa, a little bit of Bollywood too. This one hour that I am dancing in front of the mirror looking like a fool (because let’s face it! I ain’t no Priyanka Chopra), I enjoy every bit. Every dance move, every beat, all of it. I even love watching other people dance. It makes me worry less, it makes me happy.

So, the question is: what makes you happy?
If you know the answer, do it. If you have to think about it, work towards it. If you don’t, FIND IT.
It’s your one life. There has to be something selfishly yours to make YOU happy.

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