It was a usual weekend when I said something that a lot of people needed to hear.

Last Friday, I had the most pleasing conversation with the human resources of a company. Her name was Sandrine and she was kind. Besides the fact that it was her job to be so, she also was honest and she reminded me of something that I was seeming to forget.

It has been almost 2 months I quit my job and now the wait for my Canadian visa is growing into impatience. Impatience, sometimes even arrogance combined with irritation. Weekends in fact are full of PMSing without my periods around the corner.

Here’s a gist of the conversation:

So I put this up on LinkedIn and on my Instagram story because I am avid social media person. All day every day. Well, the thing is, I received like a hundred messages (yes, have you seen my follower base!? :D) telling me that I had inspired them. I said something that they needed to hear and some of them were even like “this made my day”. It was a simple reminder to follow your dreams. It’s brave and you only got one life to do that.

I realized that we are all so busy catching up with life, we forget to chase our dreams that we grew up dreaming about. The day dreams don’t happen anymore, instead there are laptops and emails discussing marketing pitches. There are no dinners discussing a dream house in Bahamas, there’s a discussion about how stressful day it had been at work. No one is talking about their favorite music anymore, they are okay with radio commercials!

Come on, who are we?

Chase your dreams before your life catches up to you at 60 and brings the regrets along.

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